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Question 1: by KaloianPetkov Sep 23, 2017
I made a order of product from your's platform and it was end of august /27-28.08.2017/ and i still don't have it delivered! Now i cant login with my e-mail and password and I wonder if you have ever send it or you just took my money and delete my account! Demand some answers/delivery or refund!
I still have PayPal order number and out tour order witch is as follows>PayPal Express Checkout (USD19.99, Transaction ID: 5PR26421M39742444)
Thanks for your order at ChinaOBD2. Your Order #CO1708210140
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 23, 2017
Our site has been updated, Please go to  to check your order information, Your order has been reshipped out by China Post .

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Question 2: by Roger Meineke Nov 3, 2017
Hi trying to checkout ,but says internal
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Nov 4, 2017
 please register an account first. add the item to shopping cart, choose shipping address, then check out.
Question 3: by Brane Jan 21, 2018

i buy star c3 2015 , then i buy hdd disk for dell computer .

i have problem with program, please answer me.
Question 4: by Mr. Kazbek Butaev Mar 17, 2018
Original Launch M-Diag Lite Plus EZdiag for iOS Android Built-in Bluetooth OBDII with One Free Car Software
in stock?
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Mar 18, 2018
 sorry, this item has been sold out.
Question 5: by marcussy beethoven Oct 1, 2018
je vous informe que j'ai bien payer
ma commande et que j'aimerai bien cette fois ci recevoir mon colis concernant
cette commande( CO1810010256)

care je n'es toujours pas recu cette commande qui a bien débité de mon compte
mais annulé de votre pars,j'attend bien enttendus un remboucement
ou peu etre un oublie de votre pars (CO1809040270)
Question 6: by Jan Feb 22, 2018
Hello. I ned to buy some equipment.
Here is my problem - i got a kia ceed sw 2008, but i have Lost the last key, do you have some tools so i can reprogramme immo or delete other keys in the system, or something.. If there are more than one machine there c an do it, please explain why thei are looking forward to hear from you, either by mail or phone
Jan Pedersen
Mail phone :+4542947595

Question 7: by Robert Mar 7, 2018
I need to reset the oil age (or oil ageing) counter on a Renault Scenic 1, automatic gearbox transmission (DP04 gearbox).
Also, I need to change oil change date using a Clip.
Original renault software can do this.

Which China clip must I buy from your page - ?
Question 8: by Ernie May 23, 2018
Hi do you sell motorcycle scanners so I can reset my service light & Diagnosis thanks
Question 9: by udrea alexandru bogdan May 29, 2018
hello,i buyed from you a vdm2 and afther installing the product does not find the ecu it says.....i have tried on 3 cars.....ecu is not responding error i get.....what is the problem?.....thank you
Question 10: by Mike Burgess Apr 15, 2018
Hi I purchased this item from you in 2014.
Is there an software upgrade available to purchase please
Question 11: by marcin kindler Feb 11, 2022
what is going with an item I ordered ???
Question 12: by Mr. declan cormican Feb 18, 2022
Has my order been dispatched yet as I have not recieved an email sayiong so yet? have yoy an eta for my tester?thanks.
Question 13: by Chris Drossos Oct 24, 2022
There is in need of a setup for ford and Mazda. IDs works but the app says that the license is expired
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Oct 24, 2022
 Hi, Thanks for contact us. 

except benz software, the other software need to buy the license,  the license for ford and mazda is 69USD.

Please tell us the serial number, I will send you the paypal invoice , after complete the payment, we will deal with the license within 48hours, you will be able to use it.

Any questions, 
welcome to contact us. 
Best regards,
Apollo Tan

Reply #2 by Chris Drossos   Oct 24, 2022
Ok please send me for all the programs. The licenses are valid for how long?
Reply #3 by Chris Drossos   Oct 24, 2022
Question 14: by Elizabeth Arndt May 12, 2023
My friend reads only Spanish. Can I get the instruction "User's Guide" in Spanish?
Question 15: by RC Davies Jun 3, 2023
Making sure I am guessing right why your tool isn't working as I expected:
Not reading VIN on auto function, cycle through, unit is clicking, then reads no connection or something.

Ran Control Modules and it cycles through and then reads "no diagnosis"

I am assuming that's because the NT510 unit only has 16 pins and the car has the 32 or 38 pins in the cockpit?

is there a way to make this unit work 2 way with this car, as advertised?. I bought it for one purpose, to diagnose the SRS light on dash and its not working
Question 16: by Chirag Mar 15, 2022

I'm interested in buying the Foxwell NT530 Scanner (English) for my car (Porsche). I'm from India, can you please let me know the absolute lowest price plus shipping using the postal service?

Also, can you please declare a lower value for Indian Customs ? I ask because our import duties are very high at almost 180% for electronics.

Lastly, is it a 100% Genuine Foxwell item from the Foxwell factory?

Thanks and regards,
Question 17: by matthew slater Mar 27, 2022

I cant find a link to update my nt622 can you advise please

Question 18: by ali May 27, 2022
buenos dias
quiero saber los tiempos de entrega para españa, y donde estan ? gracias
Question 19: by martin pascal Jul 25, 2022
bonjour est il toujours disponible
Reply #1 by lily   Aug 1, 2022
 hi, it is in stock
Question 20: by martin pascal Jul 25, 2022
bonjours est il toujours disponible quelle sont les frais pour la France merci
Question 21: by Sam Kay Aug 27, 2022
Hello, I’m looking at NT630 Elite, I need to know if it features VANOS adaptation resetting. Otherwise, which models should I be considering?
Question 22: by Ferriere Benjamin Sep 6, 2022
I ordered a nt630 plus last sunday.
Transaction Number : 90D13273Y2924112L
I Didn t receive any confirmation of my order.
Thanks to confirm that you well received the payment by paypal.
Best regards
Benjamin ferriere
Question 23: by Kam Oct 14, 2022
Hey do you have any tuners for all american vechiles like ford, gm and dodge,
Question 24: by john pitfield Sep 25, 2017
I have forgot my password,how can I change it?????
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 26, 2017
We have sent  your password by Email, please check that.
Question 25: by Roger Meineke Nov 4, 2017
Internal servo error.Will not let me register.Thanks
Question 26: by Nkosie Mazibuko Sep 28, 2017
I bought the SBB key code and I do not know how to use it. Can you please send me a video that can show me stab by stab on a car. e.g. VW or Toyota
Question 27: by Mr. zelateur gerome IMS SARL Jan 31, 2018
the snooper i buy on this order : CO1801100162
don't work . it's not light up once pluggin , have test on 3 cars , and with another snooper that don't have problem .

how can you solve that ?


Question 28: by Lukas Rimgaudas Jun 24, 2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

I`ve received an item, but it does not work. With ignition on or either with running engine this item has 0 response when connected. Looks like item has a defect or not working.
Car testing is Mercedes Benz 1999 year W210 E300 TD, has 38 pin connection under the bonnet.
Can you sort it out please. Thank you.
Reply #1 by Lukas Rimgaudas   Jun 29, 2020
Question 29: by Bogdan Picioreanu Aug 25, 2020
I can not track my order on the website
Pay pal transaction ID is : 4HW12270CU946034V
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 25, 2020
 hi, please provide your phone number, so that we can ship the package out.
Reply #2 by Bogdan Picioreanu   Aug 26, 2020
The phone number is 4039997903
Question 30: by Mr. Michael Hahn Oct 26, 2019

I'm looking for an toyota J2534 MVCI with min. 2.0.4 firmware.

Or a Mongoose Pro GM clone.

What can you offer me? because these different version of everything driving me crazy and most of them arent in stock.

I want a cheal j2534 initerface for GDS2 and SPS programming.

I heard the 2.0.4 Mvci could do that.
Question 31: by EDUARDO C VILLALOBOS A Jan 24, 2020
I've sent several emails asking information about shipping my order and I have not receive any information about tracking, delivery times or any that inform what is happening with my order, I'm about to open a paypal dispute for the transaction if not receive response right away. Thanks.
Question 32: by michael Feb 8, 2020
brought this on the 14/1/20 having trouble loading the software, followed video instructions but cant get past the inqsoft install as I keep getting messages about virus and malware and then won't load any further.
look forward to your help.
have tried leaving messages on the online chat but have had no answer

Question 33: by barry herman Sep 23, 2020
is this item in stock and can you connect it to my m8 key programmer if i give you its serial number
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 23, 2020
 yes, it's in stock , friend. 
Question 34: by Adam clews Oct 5, 2020
Hello, I purchased vag obd helper and vcds on 23 September 2020. I haven’t received any notification of the sale or any tracking details for it. Please could you tell me where the item is please. Thanks
Reply #1 by lily   Oct 8, 2020
Hi, vag obd helper is temporarily out of stock, need to wait some time the factory send it to us.
Question 35: by mika iso-pellinen Nov 22, 2020
Order CO2010040059 trackin not working
Reply #1 by lily   Nov 24, 2020
 Hi,friend.Order CO2010040059 trackin number has been updated,The new trackin number is 900460451080.Please contact the Fedex and provice your social security number.Thanks.
Question 36: by Mr. Ahmet Aksan Oct 17, 2020
How can we shop with my credit card, which is forbidden by paypal in Turkey
whatsapp +90532 297 87 97
Question 37: by Edwin van Vlierden Nov 30, 2020
Hello. I bought a vcds cable with software. in the video there is a folder called "to the dealer". I can't find that folder so I can't register en use the cable now. What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards. Edwin

Your Order #CO2010310068 at UKOBD2
Reply #1 by Edwin van Vlierden   Dec 1, 2020
Hope to hear from you soon
Reply #2 by lily   Dec 1, 2020

Because you install the software,

a. Turn off antivirus such as AVG, McAfee, etc.

b. Disable Windows Defender

Then look at the installation instruction video, look at it carefully.
then install VCDS on your computer, you need get full administrator right to install it.
then install VCDSLOADER, generate a request license file, and send it to us.
After get the license file from us, register the cable, then you will be able to use it.
Every time when you need to use vcds, click vcdsloader first, then click start vcds.
Look at the video again,
best wishes
Reply #3 by Edwin van Vlierden   Dec 2, 2020
I did email the file you asked for.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Kind regards

Question 38: by Serge Sep 7, 2020
Hello. Do you sell reprogramming tools for Mitsubishi Fuso, Canter?
Will Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5 XENTRY Truck Diagnostic Kit that you sell allow me to read and write to Fuso Canter? Is there are years limitation?

Thank you
Reply #1 by lily   Sep 8, 2020

thanks for contact 

Yes, we sell reprogramming tools for Mitsubishi Fuso, Mitsubishi Fuso SD Connect C5 XENTRY Truck Diagnostic Kit supports read and write to Fuso Cater, 

Mitsubishi Fuso C5 Xentry Diagnostic Kit is the best tool and professional tool for Mitsubishi.

The yeas limitation is 2012-2016,

welcome to place an order on our site.

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Question 39: by Mr. BRANKO BAJUK Oct 6, 2020

Do you have any for Terex loader correction of hours =?

+38651685686 Branko Whatsapp
Question 40: by Joel LE PENNEC May 29, 2020

I received the order CO2005210024 (Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner with Free Mercedes Benz Software and Extra Foxwell Benz 38Pin and Extension Cable
Item No. COBD2268).
On the other hand, the memory card delivered with the device is intended for VOLVO software while I ordered software for MERCEDES BENZ.
When I go to the FOWELL site to do an update, I only have access to the update for VOLVO not to MERCEDES.
Please do whatever is necessary to give me access to the Mercedes software.
PS: I did not download the VOLVO software.

Best regards
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   May 31, 2020
 Dear Joel,

Thanks for contact Please provide the Serial Number of the Foxwell NT520.

Waiting for you prompt reply.
Best regards,
Lucy Wan
Question 41: by Mr. Павел Ланцевич Feb 17, 2022
Hi , can u delete order :CO2202140096
Coz im buy it twice
Question 42: by william spaulding Oct 12, 2019
i place a order a on the 10/8/19 just when will it be sent out .was hard to find this in stock just want to know how long it will be.thank you for your help
Question 43: by william spaulding Oct 16, 2019
when will my order be sent out its been pending for 8 days
Question 44: by Mr. Armen Sukiasian Jan 22, 2020
Hello. I want to buy from you Key Master DP green case. it is the green version. do you have in stock? can you send me a Key Master DP green case?
Question 45: by Mr. mervyn witherow May 19, 2018
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